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CO2 Laser Plasma Cutter Upgrade

Mein CO2 Laser ist jetzt auch schon einige Jahre in Betrieb und hat mir ausserordentlich treue Dienste geleistet. Da wir mittlerweile immer mehr Blech verarbeiten habe ich mich entschlossen den Laser um einen Plasmaschneider zu erweitern.

Glücklicherwiese lässt die Software LaserCAD so einstellen, dass man den Einstich wählen kann, d.h. bei einem Kreis sticht man…

Neoden4 Review – The good the bad the ugly

Recently I have purchased a Neoden4 for my workplace to have a quicker turnaround for pre production and low volume series. I have no previous experience with professional assembly machines which is probably better since I was already annoyed enough getting the machine properly running without randomly misplacing parts or stopping in general. Nevertheless I…

Home lighting system with ESP8266 powered by Blynk

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog entry. This is mainly because I didn’t have time due to my extensive travels (world trip) and moving into a new flat. But now I’m back and try to update the site a bit more frequently.

There are quite a few commercially available home lighting…

300W Konstantstrom LED Treiber (Buck Converter)

So, nach den vielen englischen Artikeln schreibe ich wieder einmal einen in Deutsch. Ich habe vor ein paar Wochen eine Konstantstromquelle für eine gepulste LED Leuchte “gebastelt”. Wie das manchmal so ist, hat mein Vorhaben nicht so funktioniert wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe, da die Energiedichte der Leuchte massiv zu klein ist. Naja immerhin…

Word clock on steroids

Nowaday it seems that everyone is building a word clock. The idea is nothing new anymore so I shouldn’t build one too, right? WRONG! Instead of going the easy route and rebuild a proven design I decided to create my own and beef it up a little. It’s definitely more expensive, more work,…

DIY IGBT controlled 1000Ws Flash Unit

The goal of this project was to develop a flash unit which is capable of withstanding continuous
operation over a “long” period of time before it needs maintenance. To be precise: 10 Million flashes of 1000J through a load of about 0.8Ohm. With a flash interval of 4 seconds this means about 1.5…

24S+ LTC6804 BMS with various Sensors and Logging Function

A few weeks ago I decided to build a Battery Management System based on the LTC6804-1. The reason that made me build a BMS was the lack of economically priced high grade systems that are also customisable and extendable. The last few Battery Management Systems I used were also absolutely not serviceable (sealed with…

Review: PCB fabrication

This was my first time ordering from I was quite impressed by the speed they produced my PCBs. I ordered 75 PCBs with the following specs:

Max X-Dimension (cm): 15
Max Y-Dimension (cm): 15
Layers: 2
PCB Thickness (mm): 1.6
Copper Thickness: 1 oz
Surface Finish: ENIG
Solder Mask Color: White

RFID/NFC Implant [English]


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Most smartphone nowadays support NFC and some also support RFID (like the Samsung Galaxy S3 but not the S4/S5!)

RFID/NFC tags are fairly widespread in items we use daily: Theft protection, mobile phones,…